How drinking a lot of alcohol causes liver damage

How drinking a lot of alcohol causes liver damage

People who do not have liver disease before should not drink more than one standard unit of alcohol for women and no more than two standard units of alcohol for men, it is forbidden to drink quickly, abundantly, constantly because of the risk of liver damage.

Patients who have had previous liver disease such as hepatitis viral, fatty liver, there are no safe levels for drinking alcohol and it is best to abstain from alcohol.

Alcohol cessation is a therapeutic measure in all patients who have been diagnosed with alcoholic liver disease.

At an early stage of the disease, the cessation of alcohol is also clearly effective.

Continued drinking in patients with alcoholic liver disease will increase risk of gastrointestinal bleeding, abdominal grip (ascites), hepatic brain, cancer hepatocytes and death.

Nutrition for people with alcoholic liver disease has also been studied extensively.

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