How to fix chest pain during pregnancy

Take a shower or take a relaxing bath: Warmth can help relieve tension and relax sore chest muscles.

The mother can adjust the speed of the shower water to a slight level.

You can also use a warm water towel to gently wipe the chest and ti area. Some soaps, shower gels that can irritate the skin should be considered before use.

Choose a new bra: pregnant mothers should choose a bra of soft, frameless cotton fabric, wide shoulder straps with a thick band design under the breasts, the buttons that close the back are easy to adjust.

Due to the fact that the breast size will increase several times, the mother can ask for advice from a professional who measures the bust, choosing the style that suits the needs.

Wear a bra that fixes the chest during sleep: If chest pain causes discomfort when movements affect sleep, women can fix their breasts with a night bra or sports bra.

Cold compresses: Applying ice or cold gel to the chest area can help reduce swelling and pain temporarily.

Pregnant mothers can line a thin towel on their breasts and then place the compress bag on top to protect the skin and avoid cold burns.

Insert additional chest pads: Chest pads are made from disposable paper or washable soft cotton.

Pregnant mothers can place pads between the undercoat and the chest to create cushioning force to make the breasts more comfortable.

Over-the-counter medication: If the above natural solutions do not help relieve chest pain, you can consult a doctor before taking over-the-counter painkillers.

Share with relatives: Share with your partner and loved ones when you have chest pain during pregnancy to seek empathy and help.

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