Spend thousands of dollars on post-Covid 'blood washing'

Spend thousands of dollars on post-Covid ‘blood washing’

Besides blood washing, experts noted vitamin infusions, hyperbaric oxygen treatment, anticoagulants and hydroxychloroquine, which are notoriously ineffective against Covid-19.

“I think they should emphasize that the essence of this method is experimental, especially when it’s so expensive.

I was aware of it when I decided to go to the clinic, that the outcome was uncertain.

But everyone at the clinic was so enthusiastic, that I also started to believe in it and raise hope,” she said.

Taking advantage of the post-Covid fear of patients, many clinics in Europe offer “blood washing” therapy, at a cost of thousands of dollars.

A trainee psychologist in Almelo, The Netherlands, contracted Covid-19 in November 2020.

She was tired weeks later, suffering from brain fog, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, frequent nausea and chest tightness at night.

However, a series of post-Covid tests did not find abnormalities with cardiopulmonary.