How to predict a child's height as an adult

How to predict a child’s height as an adult

Nutrition is the most important factor.

Children need to be supplemented with a variety and full of nutrients, especially during the golden periods of height development (when the child is a fetus, stage 0-2 years old, puberty).

Accordingly, priority is given to nutrients such as calcium, phosphorus, zinc, iron, vitamins D, C, A … from milk, seafood, eggs, chicken, salmon, cereals, oats, legumes, almonds, carrots, green leafy vegetables, sweet potatoes, mineral-rich fruits,…

In addition, the child needs to avoid the abuse of fast food, foods rich in carbohydrates, sugars, storm fats,…

Encourage children to exercise regularly, about 30 minutes a day, get enough sleep to stimulate the body to secrete growth hormone.

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