The secrets the patient should not hide from the doctor

“Hiding those habits can make your condition more serious.

From that information, the doctor can guess the problems that you have never thought of and take care of you more comprehensively,” experts added.

Personal habits are a sign of such dangerous types of diseases as heart attack, stroke, erectile dysfunction.

Experts say patients should be candid about their history of surgery, history of miscarriages, abortions, sex life… with the doctor.

When going to the doctor, many people have the habit of lying to the doctor about their medical history, living habits for various reasons.

Experts say this is one of the common mistakes made by patients, making diagnosis and intensive care more difficult.

Experts and Director of Carbon Health Medical Center said just a small, seemingly harmless lie can have long-term effects, causing doctors to ignore signs of illness. He pointed out some things patients should not hide from doctors.

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