Post Covid-19 - People with Covid-19 may have prolonged sleep problems

Post Covid-19 – People with Covid-19 may have prolonged sleep problems

In case, despite adjusting, performing psychotherapeutic methods, self-massage acupressure but still losing sleep, not sleeping well, the patient should see a specialist to have an appropriate assessment and adjustment of sleep.

Difficulty sleeping is a symptom reported by many sick people during Covid-19 as well as after recovering from the disease.

According to new research from the Cleveland clinic in Ohio on sleep-related problems in people who have recovered from Covid-19, nearly half of people have moderate sleep disorders.

The study was presented in June of this year at Sleep 2022, a meeting of the Professional Association of Sleep Associates (the association between the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) and the Association for Sleep Research (SRS)).

Researchers say difficulty sleeping or sleep disorders are a prolonged Covid-19 condition, which occurs both in vaccinated people and can persist for years for some.

The researchers analyzed the experiences of 962 patients at the Cleveland clinic between February 2021 and April 2022.

Each person is asked to fill out sections of questions about sleep disorders and fatigue.

Experts at the clinic found that black patients were three times more likely to moderate to severe sleep disorders after recovering from Covid-19.

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