5 occupations that can affect male physiology

Without careful protection, working in a toxic environment will cause the gentleman’s health to go down and “it” will reduce strength and endurance.

Professor said physiological health involving many factors, from lifestyle, nutrition to occupation.

The work is difficult to change, but the gentleman still has a lot of ways to improve his performance.

In particular, proper nutrition, regular exercise and the addition of healthy and vital nutrients are useful suggestions for men.

The most important thing is that men know how to balance work and rest time, take good care of themselves so that they always have prolific physical strength and long-term performance.

Regarding nutrition, gentlemen should prioritize foods that support the body to enhance physiology such as oysters, high-fat fish (sardines, salmon, herring …), dark green leafy vegetables, fruits such as bananas, watermelons, avocados …

A healthy diet, limiting the consumption of fast food, limiting alcohol consumption will be the basis for men to ensure their overall health and improve their physiological life.

Regarding training, experts say that weight training, sprinting, swimming will help the gentleman’s body increase testosterone production.

The bearded wing can also practice any sport, from football, volleyball, badminton …

Maintaining training for about 45-60 minutes / day both helps men have a standard body, gain muscle, lose fat while helping to improve physical health and sexual activity.

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