Should people with gout eat tuna?

The health benefits of eating tuna include preventing anemia, reducing the risk of memory loss, and supporting blood sugar levels at healthy levels.

However, canned tuna contains high levels of purines, so people with gout if eating should choose a light-tasting one, including skipjack tuna.

The person can consume 2-3 servings per week, a portion of which is about 114 g, or the size of a palm.

Fresh tuna: Fresh tuna contains higher amounts of purines than canned tuna. People with gout should only consume fresh tuna once per week.

In addition, the way tuna is processed also affects the purine content.

Raw and grilled tuna, including sashimi and sushi, have a higher risk of hyperuricemia.

Meanwhile eating fried or boiled tuna will have a lower amount of purines.

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