5 natural vegetables

5 natural vegetables

Vitamin B2 in white radish helps support the growth and functioning of cells, has a moisturizing effect on the skin while protecting it from harmful free radicals.

Calcium micro-mineral has a structural effect on the layers of cells and treats dry skin.

You can cover your face with grated white radish, or apply raw white radish juice on your face to reduce darkening; or eat white radish broth.

Note, white radish is slightly cool, for pregnant women and people with weak health should only be used on the skin and should not drink or eat for many days in a row.

It is recommended to use it away from the time of taking Chinese medicine (especially in a ginseng-flavored scale) because white radish will lose the effect of the drug.

Potatoes, peas, white radishes, green bean sprouts and squash used daily make the skin healthy, beautiful, smooth white, slow aging, safe.

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