Procession after tattoo removal on the skin

Procession after tattoo removal on the skin

The doctor recommends that before deciding to get a tattoo, it is necessary to think and choose the tattoo carefully because the tattoo removal process takes a long time and sometimes cannot be completely erased, which can even leave bad scars.

Choose a reputable, quality tattoo establishment and be published on the portal of the medical industry to ensure the technical skills of the tattooist as well as the correct tattoo procedures to limit complications.

“Tattooers also need to pay attention to red, yellow tattoo ink colors and polychrome tattoos that are more susceptible to allergies than other ink colors,” dr shared.

In order to effectively and safely remove tattoos to minimize side effects, it is necessary to choose a reputable treatment facility and a dermatologist with high technical expertise.

After removing the tattoo on his arm with a QS laser, the 32-year-old man floated boils, infectious purulent burns, soreness, fever, which can leave bad scars that are difficult to overcome.

Dr. said that this patient if not treated promptly, the wounds can infect the spot and spread into the blood causing sepsis, which is life-threatening.

According to Dr. , this is one of the many patients with complications after tattoo removal who come for examination and treatment at the hospital.

Recently, a 40-year-old man came to the hospital after two CO2 laser tattoo removals, tattoo ink still left on the edge around the tattoo.

The central region of the tattoo appears hypertrophic scars.

“Scar treatment improves redness, roughness and makes scars softer, but it cannot bring back to normal healthy skin conditions,” the doctor said.

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