5 vegetables that should be eaten daily

5 vegetables that should be eaten daily

In 100 g of lettuce contains only 15 calories, very little sugar and energy, but is rich in fiber, good for digestion, so it is suitable for weight loss diets.

100 g of lettuce provides twice as much vitamin A as the body needs vitamins, is a good food that brightens the eyes, fights myopia.

Vitamins C, K, magnesium and folic in lettuce are good for bones, nervous system and brain.

Lettuce can be used to accompany rolls, eaten raw, cooked or dipped in hot pot.

You should buy vegetables at reliable points of sale, ensuring quality.

When using greens need to rinse under running water for more than a minute to wash away all the dirt.

Store vegetables in a cool place or in the refrigerator to keep them fresh.

Meals need a variety of vegetables and also do not overeat a single root vegetable.

Broccoli, bean sprouts, spinach, lettuce, and lettuce are nutritious vegetables that can be eaten regularly, helping to promote health and prevent diseases.