Toornstra is bothered by recurring problem

Toornstra is bothered by recurring problem at losing Feyenoord

Toornstra is bothered by recurring problem at losing Feyenoord

That the selection is not yet completely ready for the start of the competition, Toornstra knows.

There is still something to be added, according to the captain.

‘That’s what the coach is talking about. It is clear that players have to be added.

But that’s up to the people at the top.

They are working it. They need to think creatively. I have every confidence that it will be all right. We still have some time.’

Jens Toornstra went sunday against Olympique Lyonnais for the third time in this preparation down with Feyenoord.

The captain of the Rotterdammers was bothered by a recurring problem afterwards.

Although the veteran did not want to worry too much.

“Let’s not draw too many conclusions from it,” Toornstra said in front of ESPN’s cameras. Still, it came out somewhat hesitant.

He confessed that things are not looking very bad at Feyenoord for the time being.

‘The results are not good. We want to do better ourselves.

But I think we are making strides in terms of play. If you compare today with the game against Union, we have made steps.

In dominance especially. And in the sharpness of the pressure setting. Only we’re not there yet, that’s clear.’

Toornstra, who is entering his ninth season with the Rotterdammers, was bothered by a recurring problem.

‘It’s a pity that we’ve been talking about standard situations all week, that we’re getting them against too easily, but that it’s happening again now’, Toornstra referred to the second goal just before half-time.

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