What factors determine the duration of pregnancy

What factors determine the duration of pregnancy

Some couples choose to shy away, not wanting to face the possibility of infertility or not admitting they have problems with fertility.

This further prolongs the period of conception and reduces the chances of success in the presence of the intervention of fertility treatments.

Therefore, go to a specialist early for timely treatment.

The duration of pregnancy will depend on the frequency of sexual intercourse, the time of intercourse, age and whether the spouse has any fertility problems.

About 75% of the twins will become pregnant within 6 months while some can conceive in the very first “close” month.

If this period lasts up to a year, couples need to see a specialist for medical assistance because it is very likely that either of them has had fertility problems.

Fertility problems here can be interpreted as infertility and infertility.

Infertility is defined as a condition in which a person takes longer than average to become pregnant but ultimately succeeds without needing help.

A study was carried out in couples aimed at monitoring the time of conception, excluding couples who had been diagnosed with infertility.

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