5 notes to help run effectively in summer

5 notes to help run effectively in summer

In addition, the relaxation area has a system of ice soaking pools and massage areas for athletes after reaching the finish line.

The above methods help to increase blood flow to muscles and joints, oxygen supply improves muscle soreness.

Listening to the body, changing the workout plan, preparing the right clothes and accessories are the basic rules that help runners run effectively in the heat and high humidity.

Runners across the country are speeding up training in hot weather in preparation for the tournament.

Jogging in summer weather causes the body temperature to rise rapidly, then sweat is secreted to cool off, which leads to dehydration.

According to research, the amount of water is reduced by 3-4%, the effectiveness of training will be reduced by 5-10%.

Runners can note some of the following issues to practice more safely and effectively during the summer.

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