Rare syndrome that causes a man to have kidney atrophy

Rare syndrome that causes a man to have kidney atrophy

Doctors recommend that people need to exercise, eat healthy, full of substances and reduce salt; it is recommended to eat more greens and fresh fruits to protect the two kidneys.

Young people need to drink according to their physical condition, when doing sports, they should add electrolytes.

With older people suffering from urination disorders, it is necessary to drink water and urinate on time.

The 56-year-old patient had fever, purulent urine, and went to the doctor to find that one side of the kidney was atrophied due to the rare giant ureter syndrome.

Experts said the patient still had two kidneys but one side had atrophied due to the giant ureter syndrome.

The part of the ureter close to the bladder dilates into a cyst, containing pus, pressing against the bladder and the submucosa.

The doctor prescribes laparoscopic surgery to remove the side of the kidney and ureters that have lost their function to prevent the risk of cancer.

During the operation, the doctor sucks out almost a liter of pus in the ureter.

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