Insulin injections for pregnant women with diabetes to prevent complications

According to experts, women with type one diabetes mellitus and type two diabetes mellitus during pregnancy are required to inject insulin to control blood glucose during pregnancy.

With pregnant women suffering from diabetes mellitus, pregnancy after applying nutrition and practice for 1-2 weeks but not reaching the goal of treatment, the doctor will prescribe insulin injections.

Based on blood glucose level, the time of hyperglycemia, insulin resistance, the doctor will give the appropriate injection regimen for each patient.

In case the pregnant woman encounters the complication levels such as ketoacidosis, severe hyperglycemia, infections, unexplained weight loss…

The doctor will consult and take insulin as recommended by the specialist Endocrine – Diabetes mellitus.

This helps to control and maintain stable glucose reaching the goal.

Pregnant mothers must inject insulin as prescribed, do not stop the injections on their own or adjust the dosage without the doctor’s consent.

Blood glucose should be checked at times such as when you first wake up, 1-2 hours before and after the main meal, then note the results.

The normal index of fasting and pre-meal glycemic levels is less than 95 mg/dl; after eating an hour less than 140 mg/dl; after eating for two hours less than 120 mg/dl.

If the indicators are abnormal, the pregnant mother should adjust her diet, practice physical exercise and consult a doctor for advice on the appropriate solution.

People at high risk of gestational diabetes mellitus include: obesity, polycystic ovaries, family history of someone with the disease, a history of diabetes mellitus in previous pregnancies…

Women who have given birth to a baby for about 4-12 weeks should see an Endocrinologist – Diabetes mellitus for screening to determine the disease.

However, there are also many cases where, after the birth of a baby, the blood sugar of the pregnant woman returns to normal, not diabetes.

By the course of pregnancy, the mother’s hormones change, affecting insulin activity leading to disorders of blood glucose levels during pregnancy.