Insulin injections for pregnant women with diabetes to prevent complications

Good control of diet, proper movement, proper insulin injections will help pregnant mothers limit the risks to mother and baby.

Women with type one and two diabetes mellitus during pregnancy must inject insulin, control blood glucose so as not to adversely affect the fetus, avoid complications.

Sharing that pregnant women with diabetes mellitus before or during pregnancy, if they do not control their blood glucose well, it will be dangerous for both mother and baby.

The mother may have hypertensive pathologies, retina, coronary pathologies and urinary infections, an increased risk of preeclampsia, eclampsia and type two diabetes mellitus after birth.

The baby may have birth defects, which do not develop in the first trimester of pregnancy, stillbirth, postpartum jaundice.

If a pregnant woman is properly examined, detected and treated for diabetes mellitus, the adverse effects on the health of the mother and baby can be easily controlled.

Pregnant women need dietary advice from their doctor in combination with insulin injections so that the fetus grows and develops normally.

“In some countries around the world, pregnant women are also allowed to take tablets for treatment, but in some country it is not recommended because there has not been extensive research on hypoglycemia in pregnant women and malformations in the fetus.

Insulin is the only drug used because it does not affect the fetus,” experts added.