10 factors affecting the quality of sperm

10 factors affecting the quality of sperm

If the male is worried about his fertility and thinks that weak sperm, contact your assisted reproductive specialist to perform some of the prescribed blood and semen tests.

Men’s sperm health is influenced by many factors from eating habits, to living, to the living environment.

A healthy man releases millions of sperm at each ejaculation.

In it, only a few hundred sperm will come to the adult egg and be ready for fertilization.

Here are the medical knowledge and factors that the eyebrows should be aware of to improve healthy sperm and increase the chances of having children.

Panties are too tight: Men wearing tight panties can have adverse effects on the body, even affecting sperm and testicles, leading to limited male fertility.

Therefore, men need to choose pants that fit well and are suitable for the body, made of soft, airy materials that absorb sweat well.

Hot tubs and saunas: Frequent use of hot tubs and saunas can reduce sperm count. It is the high temperature that reduces the ability to produce sperm.

Alcohol: Drinking alcohol is also a cause that negatively affects the sperm production process.

Alcohol increases the production of estrogen by the liver, which leads to a decrease in sperm count.

In addition, alcohol can be directly toxic to the sperm-producing cells of the testicles.

Therefore, men should refrain from drinking alcohol when trying to have children.

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