Drugs banned for use in sports competitions

Drugs banned for use in sports competitions

The use of drugs in competition has a backlog of many issues that are being studied and debated.

When using any medication, athletes need to be careful to avoid violations when competing.

Some drugs do not survive in the body for a long time, are secreted very quickly.

However, some drugs stay quite a long time in the body.

Therefore, coaches and doctors need to take athletes for thorough testing before competing.

This will help to avoid violations that may affect the performance of the whole group.

Narcotic substances, stimulants, diuretics, hormonal drugs can help athletes cheat on performance, while also exerting psychophysiological effects.

According to the IOC International Olympic Committee, doping is the use of substances and methods that artificially increase sports performance.

This harms the true sportsmanship, affects the physical and psychological well-being of athletes.

Here are the drugs athletes are banned from using in competition.

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