Two clear symptoms: you have Covid

Two clear symptoms: you have Covid

If you have these two symptoms, you should assume it’s Covid, writes Professor Spector.

“There are currently twice as many Covid cases as there are colds,” he tweeted.

“The ratio has never been higher. Symptoms pretty much the same, except generally more fatigue and sore throat”

A leading epidemiologist has warned people to assume they have Covid if they wake up with two telltale symptoms.

Fatigue in the morning, even after a good night’s sleep, and a sore throat are signs of infection.

He added that a sore throat was reported more often in people with the coronavirus than a common cold.

“I saw that he was struggling when Sainz passed him and I knew I had one chance,” Russell reflects on his battle with Perez.

On that first overtaking attempt, he came from very far, so there was slight contact with the Mexican and the RB18 retained the fourth position via the exit lane.

Via the team radio, Russell made his displeasure clear, but a penalty did not come in the end and he is disappointed.

“In my eyes, I was on the inside and the rules are pretty clear. The front wheel next to the rear wheel is sufficient if you are on the inside and that was the case with me.

He didn’t really leave me much space. Nevertheless, I am happy that I was able to continue and drive home third place. Two Mercedes on the podium, that’s great.”

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