How to improve cardiovascular endurance

How to improve cardiovascular endurance

Running plank: Start in a plank position, holding your back, head, hips in line.

After that, bring the right knee towards the chest.

Change the leg by returning the right leg to its original position, bringing the left pillow towards the chest.

Side-shuffle touch: Start in a standing position with your legs shoulder width apart, arms along your body.

Bend your knees and squat. Step to the right and then touch the fingertips of your right hand to the floor outside your left foot, then repeat to the left.

Other exercises that can help improve cardiovascular health include: running, brisk walking, swimming, dancing, jumping rope, basketball, football.

People with good cardiovascular stamina are less likely to develop high blood pressure, coronary heart disease; reducing the risk of death from all causes.

The degree of cardiovascular tolerance directly affects the physical activity of a person.

Increasing cardiovascular stamina can improve oxygen absorption in the lungs, heart, help a person maintain high-intensity activities for a long time without fatigue; reducing the risk of coronary heart disease and death from all causes.