How do pregnant women eat so that the fetus is not overweight, underweight?

You need to eat a variety of foods to be rich in nutrients.

If during the pregnancy examination, the doctor says that the fetus is gaining weight too quickly, you should not reduce eating much.

The goal now is to reduce the rate of weight gain.

For example, you see that in 2 weeks when your weight increases by 2 kg, you should reduce it, gaining only 1-1.5 kg.

At this time, pregnant women will eat less rice, low fat.

Besides, instead of eating greasy, fried food, you should eat boiled steamed food, remove fat, skin.

You should also reduce sweet items such as tea, ice cream … It’s easy to cause weight gain to be difficult to control.

In particular, there are nutrients, foods that are not good for weight gain, brain development of the mother’s fetus should be noted such as: alcoholic beverages (beer, alcohol).

Alcohol affects the fetus, damaging the brain.

In addition, stimulants such as tea, coffee, and cigarettes should not be used because the fetus will get used to caffeine levels, stimulating respiration.

At birth, your baby may have respiratory failure.

At that time, the doctor must use coffee to stimulate, incubate before the child breathes normally, this is dangerous.