6 mistakes when running affect your joints

6 mistakes when running affect your joints

One way to check if additional water is needed is to consider the state of the urine.

If the urine is dark yellow after running, you need to drink more water until the urination is light yellow.

In addition, within 1 hour before jogging, it is recommended to drink 500-700ml of filtered water or other non-caffeinated water.

Just before running, it is possible to drink 120-200ml of water to make sure the body has enough water for the run.

If running long distances, the athlete needs to be hydrated in the middle of the race.

Jogging does not cause arthritis, but athletes are at risk of injury, aches and pains if running in the wrong position, forgetting to warm up, running too much at the beginning …

According to medical experts, about 50% of runners suffer injuries each year, the most common being back and leg injuries.

In particular, 70-80% of cases of injuries to the knees, ankles, feet and legs due to overruns, running with too much frequency.

The Head of The Department of Sports Medicine and Endoscopy, Deputy Director of The Center for Orthopaedic Trauma, said that jogging in the wrong way (such as improper running posture, speed too fast …) can cause the skeletal system, muscles, ligaments, ligaments, The operation is damaged.

This is a risk factor for common injuries such as sprains, Achilles tendinitis, cane tendinitis, pelvic syndrome, knee pain …

Here are 6 walking mistakes that many people often make, leading to joint injuries and affecting daily functioning.

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