5 types of warm teas that improve sleep

5 types of warm teas that improve sleep

According to research in China, magnolia tea is often used in folk and traditional medicine as a sleep aid.

In plants contain compounds that have a sedative effect.

Women who had just given birth who drank magnolia tea for 3 weeks significantly improved postpartum depression, improving the quality of sleep compared to mothers who did not take diapers.

Elderly women taking one magnesium tablet and 60 mg of magnolia extract also reduced sleep disorders.

You can consult your doctor about the amount of use of this drink in the rhythm of life accordingly.

Drinking a cup of tea before going to bed not only forms good habits but is also a safe, easy choice for people who have difficulty sleeping.

This habit can help the brain recognize relaxation signals, from which the rhythm of going to sleep is formed.

In case of chronic insomnia, drinking herbal tea and flower tea often has no long-term therapeutic and improved effects.

You should ask your doctor for support and treatment, restore the lifestyle early.

Drinking herbal tea before going to bed helps to relax the spirit, easier to take a nap and better sleep.

Herbal teas have brought many benefits to overall health for centuries.

Some teas are also specifically studied characteristics in the composition, supporting the treatment of insomnia, relieving stress and calming the spirit.

If you often don’t get a good night’s sleep, the 5 teas below are suggestions.

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