13 herbs and spices to help prevent cancer

13 herbs and spices to help prevent cancer

Basil leaves are often used to decorate dishes or in soups, stews or salad dressings.

Basil contains apigenine which plays a high anti-inflammatory role that helps protect the body from the risk of cancer.

Besides focusing on building a healthy eating menu, you implement healthy living habits such as exercise, avoid smoking, limit alcoholic beverages …

It helps protect the body from carcinogens.

Anti-inflammatory compounds, which have antioxidant properties in turmeric, ginger, basil, mint….

It can help prevent cancer.

For a long time, the spices and herbs used in cuisine help increase the taste of the dish, having a positive effect on health.

Adequate diet, regular health checks and healthy activities help prevent cancer.

The herbs and spices are close, easy to add to the daily meal below according to studies that can help fight cancer.

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