False insomnia - Texting syndrome while sleeping

False insomnia – Texting syndrome while sleeping

Texting while sleeping is usually not a serious problem, does not affect health much.

However, it can make you feel awkward or embarrassed by sending annoying messages to others, inappropriate message content…

If a person experiences false insomnia and texting during sleep along with other symptoms, it is best to go to hospitals with neurosurgery specialists to be examined and examined.

The Head of Neurology Department, with the use of electroencephalography, electromechanical and other related indications such as lung imaging, electrocardiogram, echocardiogram, general blood test …

You can detect the cause of sleep disturbances.

Patients need to maintain a regular daily sleep schedule, follow good habits to limit texting during sleep.

It can be turning off the phone or switching to do-not-disturb mode, turning off sounds and notifications, leaving the phone outside the bedroom, avoiding using the phone before bed, limiting the use of alcohol, alcoholic beverages and stimulants.

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