Common mistakes when caring for a child with a fever

Common mistakes when caring for a child with a fever

Applying ice water that is too cold or applying a cold towel to reduce fever can cause a child to become infected with cold, even cold burns from ice.

In the case of children with high fever, in addition to giving the child a fever-lowering drink, parents should combine wiping the child with a warm towel, especially in the inguinal and armpits.

Using your hands to measure your temperature, applying a cold towel to your child to reduce fever quickly, abusing drugs are common mistakes parents make when lowering fever for children.

Fever is an increase in body temperature, when the immune system reacts to a pathogen.

Fever is beneficial because it inhibits the growth and reproduction of certain bacteria and viruses.

When children have a fever, many parents do not understand the nature so often take care of the wrong way, inadvertently leading to unwanted complications.

According to medical experts, there are five mistakes that parents often make when caring for a child with a fever, including:

Fever is a harmful disease by default.

Parents often think that fever is sick and harmful, so they only focus on reducing fever for their children and forget the task of finding the cause.

Therefore, parents should pay attention to find the cause of the fever to solve the root of the problem.

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