Causes of abdominal pain

Causes of abdominal pain

You may notice that your child has constant abdominal pain or never seems to go away.

Chronic abdominal pain can be uncomfortable for children and parents, so it is necessary to see a pediatrician to determine the root cause and the course of treatment.

A 2018 review determined that chronic abdominal pain is pain that occurs in at least three episodes in about three months, disrupting a child’s daily activities.

In short, mild abdominal pain is not an ominous reason, but if other signs appear, it means that the child needs medical help.

Young children may not tell their parents their health status.

Therefore, adults should observe their child’s mood and manifestations to decide on a doctor’s visit.

Indigestion, constipation, food poisoning, appendicitis, urinary tract infections, anaphylaxis … It may be the cause of abdominal pain in the child.

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