Subjective with diarrhea, the man has organ failure

Subjective with diarrhea, the man has organ failure

As a precaution, people should maintain a healthy diet, lifestyle, limit sour, spicy foods …

Eat cooked, drink boiling, food is covered, avoid dirt, limit the use of foods sold at the curb.

If diarrhea, constipation, bloating, indigestion, belching, heartburn …

prolonged, taking place many times a day, the patient should go to the hospital for the doctor to see and make appropriate adjustments.

The 58-year-old patient had diarrhea and vomiting, but thought the digestive disorder should not go to the doctor, after a few days of severe illness, inflammatory bowel disease, multi-organ failure.

The patient has abdominal pain, goes outside liquid stools for days but thinks the digestive disorder is normal.

The day before he was admitted to the hospital, he was tired, his skin was pale, he was breathing fast.

The family took the patient to the Hospital for emergency treatment.

The patient was hospitalized with shortness of breath, blood pressure dropped to 60/30 MmHg, fast pulse 120 times per minute, fatigue, blue skin, pale mucous membranes, vomiting a lot.

The doctor diagnosed septic shock due to inflammatory bowel disease complications of multi-organ failure, the prognosis is very severe.

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