Stress can cause the immune system to 'age' early

Stress can cause the immune system to ‘age’ early

Social stress, suffering injustice, family problems, work, and money can cause the immune system to age prematurely.

Suzanne Segerstrom, a professor of developmental psychology at the University of Kentucky at Lexington, said:

“The study adds data to suggest that both psychological stress and general health conditions affect the immune aging process.”

The study was published by Dr. Eric Klopack and colleagues at the Leonard Davis School of Geriatrics at the University of Southern California on June 25.

Immune aging can lead to cancer, cardiovascular disease and other underlying diseases.

“In people with a high stress index, the immune system is older.

The proportion of new disease-fighting cells is low and T cells (pathogenic special treatments) have been eroded higher,” Klopack said.

T cells are one of the body’s most important protective barriers, capable of directly eliminating cells infected with viruses and cancers, while destroying aging sickle cells, which are no longer divided.

Scientists found that in humans with high levels of stress, sickle cells thrive.

These cells are harmful to the body because they release many proteins that affect surrounding tissues, causing chronic inflammation.

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