6 silent warning signs of ovarian cancer

6 silent warning signs of ovarian cancer

People at high risk of ovarian cancer with a family history of the disease, people with breast, colon or uterine cancer, endometriosis, pregnancy problems, having a mutated BCRA1 or BRCA2 gene, giving birth to their first child at age 35 or older.

Women who take postmenopausal hormone therapy, applying in vitro fertilization are also at risk for ovarian cancer.

In addition, middle-aged women and older, obese and smoking are also at risk.

Persistent abdominal bloating, pelvic or abdominal pain, feeling full despite snacking… It is a warning sign of ovarian cancer.

According to the American Cancer Society, ovarian cancer is often referred to as the “silent killer.” Only one-fifth of cases are detected early.

The early stages usually show no noticeable signs.

Symptoms are often vague and difficult to detect because they overlap with other pathologies.

There are currently no tests to screen for ovarian cancer. The disease is detected when it has metastasized, reducing the chances of survival.

Here are 6 silent warning signs of ovarian cancer according to Medical News Today (USA).

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