How do professional players get nutrition?

How do professional players get nutrition?

To ensure fitness before, during and after each match, players should pay special attention to nutrition.

Healthy, nutrient-rich foods that are good for the recovery process include:

Fatty fish: Fatty fish such as salmon, tuna, sardines … Rich in omega-3 healthy fats, which is great for reducing inflammation.

This substance also helps the body recover quickly to have good physical strength when training and competing.

In addition, omega-3s also help reduce anxiety, stress, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, improve the immune system and joint pain.

In particular, fatty fish contain a lot of protein, which helps to regenerate muscles and recover after training and competition.

Spinach: Spinach (spinach) contains abundant amounts of iron, bringing many positive effects to blood quality.

In addition, this vegetable also supports the body to restore energy, boost vitality.

These are two very important factors in the recovery process in sports.

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