Prevent drowning for children when traveling in the summer

8 ways to prevent drowning for children when traveling in the summer

8 ways to prevent drowning for children when traveling in the summer

Do not allow children to swim in the sea when the waves are big, rivers, waterfalls flow fast

Because the body of children is very weak, easy to fall when the waves push, waterfalls flow …

When they suddenly fall into the water, with children who know how to swim with swimming reflexes, but their swimming power is not strong enough to withstand the water.

Therefore, they are washed away when swimming in large waves, waterfalls, rivers, fast-flowing streams.

Therefore, when traveling to tourist destinations with large waves, strong flowing water, parents should only let children sit and play on the shore not to let children freely swim to avoid danger.

In the first five months of the year, the country recorded 38 drownings that killed 113 children.

This is a wake-up call for parents to be more careful in ensuring the safety and prevention of drowning accidents for children during the summer.

Parents take their children swimming, traveling to the sea, rivers, lakes, it is necessary to note how to prevent drowning accidents.

Children who drown due to bathing in rivers and lakes or the sea appear more often during the summer tourist season, causing many parents to worry.

Drowning is the leading cause of death among injury accidents among Vietnamese children.

Drowning is dangerous but it is entirely possible to avoid this risk during the summer holidays, when children travel.

Experts noted that parents let children avoid places where there is a potential risk of drowning, not only ponds, lakes, rivers, streams, seas,… but also swimming pools, wells, sewers, aquariums, bathtubs, buckets in the house …

In addition, parents need to actively avoid the risk of drowning in children as follows:

Let children learn to swim early.

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