Risk of diabetes, post-Covid-19 hypertension

Risk of diabetes, post-Covid-19 hypertension

Collie said more research is needed on whether the risk of diabetes and hypertension is higher.

Her team is looking at whether corticosteroid therapy some people receive during the acute phase of Covid-19 can affect outcomes.

“Getting the Covid-19 vaccine will prevent many of those problems,” Collie added.

The reason is that the team did not find a long-term trend of these diseases in people who had been vaccinated before contracting Covid-19.

The risk of developing diabetes was 1.38 times higher within 2 to 12 months of recovery from Covid-19, while the risk of high blood pressure was 1.11 times higher.

People with Covid-19 are likely to be hospitalized or develop diabetes or hypertension in the months after illness, according to a study by a South African health insurance company.

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