NASA has found a giant bridge under the sea.

NASA has found a giant bridge under the sea. Was it built by hominids 1.7 million years ago?

NASA has found a giant bridge under the sea. Was it built by hominids 1.7 million years ago?

Since the bridge was captured in NASA images, the controversy has not stopped.

Scientists argue about whether the structure is visible in satellite images actually man-made or is a natural feature.

Even so, it is clear that the golden city of Dwarka, one of the seven holy cities, was probably not a myth. Is this also true of rama’s bridge?

Recently, the Indian government approved an underwater survey to study and determine the exact age of the bridge between India and Sri Lanka.

The survey will also focus on finding out the origin of this bridge in order to determine its possible connection of the Rama Set Bridge to the Ramayana period.

At the same time, it will be required that this bridge become a national monument, which is still in a state of discovery.

Therefore, with regard to all these facts, it is increasingly important to find out the possibilities of connecting this Indian mythological building with the buildings of modern times.

In early 2003, NASA satellites captured extraordinary images that depict an ancient and hitherto unknown bridge in the Strait of Palka connecting India with Sri Lanka.

The bridge was given a name not new, but directly mythical. The Rama Bridge was approximately 18 miles long and could have been man-made, or hominins.

This, in turn, would confirm the authenticity of the Indian epics about Rama and his struggle with the enemy.

When the myth came to life

Our ancestors knew more about the ancient world than we do, so if our goal is to learn more about the history of our planet, we should take myths and legends more seriously.

Comparing them with modern scientific discoveries can help us open our eyes.

Ancient building remains found near the shores of Dwaraka show that ancient myths and legends should be studied in more detail.

The immersion of Dwaraka in the sea was already described in the great epic Mahabaratha, and as it has now turned out, this is not a myth.

The city actually existed, and its remains today lie under water. And in addition to Dwaraka, the remains of the Rama Bridge were also discovered.

Indian legend does not lie

In Indian culture and religion, legends about the supernatural origin of rama’s bridge appear.

They are the subject of the Hindu epic Ramayana Ravana, king of demons in Sri Lanka.

According to legend, the king kidnapped Rama’s wife Sita and took her to Lankapura.

He wanted revenge on Rama and his brother Lakṣmaṇa for cutting off the nose of Rāvaṇa’s sister Śurpanasha.

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