Mistaken dengue fever for infection, critical boy

Mistaken dengue fever for infection, critical boy

According to medical experts, this is one of the cases of dengue shock in infants, showing mild fever with digestive symptoms.

Therefore, parents and even medical staff are easily caught off guard with dengue fever, thinking only that the child has a digestive disorder, infectious diarrhea, which leads to the late hospitalization of the child.

Doctors recommend that the South is in the rainy season, which is when zebra mosquitoes grow, transmitting dengue fever.

Children are the “tasty prey” of mosquitoes because they do not know how to prevent mosquito bites on their own.

Parents need to actively take preventive measures, such as killing mosquitoes, mausoleums, sleeping blind …

When a child has a high fever for more than two days, there is one of the signs, including anxiety, rolling or dissociation, lethargy, babbling; nosebleeds, tooth blood or vomiting of blood, black stools; abdominal pain, vomiting; cold hands and feet; cheating, lying in a place where not playing or quitting breastfeeding, giving up eating …

It is necessary to take the child to the hospital for timely diagnosis and treatment.

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