Spread kidney stones through the skin

Spread kidney stones through the skin

Percutaneous stone canopy is considered the preeminent method in the treatment of kidney stones, with many advantages such as less invasive, less complications, patients quickly recover.

According to medical experts, similar to other methods, the spread of kidney stones through the skin also has certain disadvantages, the most common being bleeding from the kidneys and sepsis.

If there is no antibiotic response or poor response, the person may die.

Some other complications are damage to nearby organs of the kidneys such as intestines, liver, spleen, lungs or puncture of kidney tanks, ureter perforation …

It is caused by the process of creating a tunnel into the kidneys.

However, compared to open surgery, spreading kidney stones through the skin is still one of the preeminent methods.

People with kidney stones should go to specialized urology hospitals with a team of highly qualified doctors, possess modern equipment system, professional medical examination and treatment procedures to be examined, perform the procedure quickly, safely and effectively, Dr. noted.

Medical experts said, spreading kidney stones through the skin is a method suitable for patients with large kidney stones, over 2cm, which cannot be excreted naturally through excretion.

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