Diabetes mellitus - What makes the breath smell.

Diabetes mellitus – What makes the breath smell.

Diabetes can make people more susceptible to gum diseases and dry mouth.

The reason is that unstable blood sugar levels will weaken the body; thereby making the body unable to fight off bacteria and causing infection to the gums.

It is these same infections that cause the smelly breath.

In addition, breath with a fruity smell or a smell similar to acetone (commonly used in nail polish removers) can also indicate a serious complication.

Because when the body doesn’t have enough insulin, it uses fatty acids to generate energy.

This process will form acidic ketones, a byproduct of fat metabolism. These acids can build up in the blood and lead to coma or death for the person.

The smelly breath is sometimes not by food but can be from other health signs such as tonsil stones, kidney failure,…

Many causes of bad breath can be easily solved. However, sometimes the smelly breath reflects a more serious medical condition. Here are the health problems that cause bad breath.

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