Risk of covid-19 reinfection after taking Paxlovid antiretroviral drug

Risk of covid-19 reinfection after taking Paxlovid antiretroviral drug

In this study, Charness said the researchers tracked the viral load in a person’s body decreased when treated with Paxlovid.

“Paxlovid prevents the virus from multiplying in the user’s body.

Since then, viral levels have dropped but increased again in some people nine to 12 days later,” he said.

However, Charness’s team conducting comparative research found some differences.

When reviewing 1,000 cases of covid-19 diagnosed between December 2021 and March 2022 at the U.S. National Basketball Association, without antiretroviral therapy, the group found no cases of covid-19 recurrence.

This study has not been published and is still being considered further by scientists.

Many people after treating Covid-19 with the antiviral drug Paxlovid are re-infected but do not know because there are no symptoms.

Dr. Michael Charness, of Boston Veterans Management Medical Center, USA, and colleagues teamed up with a team at Columbia University to look at cases of SARS-CoV-2 reinfection after paxlovid treatment.

They found at least two potentially infectious cases to others when reinfected. In it, a 67-year-old man infected a 6-month-old baby after half an hour of contact.

This man has just finished his covid-19 treatment for 12 days.

He took Paxlovid for 5 days and felt better. When he came into contact with the child, the person did not have any symptoms but about 8 hours later, he began to get sick again.

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