Girl dies from coconut leprosy

Girl dies from coconut leprosy

Foreign accidents in young children, if not detected and handled in a timely manner, will have serious consequences.

The child may experience respiratory failure very quickly, fall into a state of lack of oxygen, lethargy and coma.

Therefore, parents should be equipped with handling skills when their child has a foreign object.

While drinking coconut water, the 12-month-old girl unfortunately suffered from coconut leprosy mixed in a glass of water, leading to death.

Medical experts said that at about 19:00 on June 26, a 12-month-old girl residing in the commune was given coconut water by relatives.

Children are drinking when suddenly suffering from coconut leprosy mixed in the water, leading to purple relapse, difficulty breathing.

The victim was taken by family members to the emergency room but did not survive.

The doctor recommends, any items around such as toys, utensils … Small sizes can be a danger to babies between 6 and 24 months of age.

Therefore, parents need to observe carefully, so that all dangerous objects are out of reach of the child.

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