Intriguing discoveries. What was found in the Martian soil

Intriguing discoveries. What was found in the Martian soil

Organic carbon is carbon bonded to hydrogen atoms into molecules used to build organisms by all known forms of life on Earth. However, scientists are not yet ready to conclude that Mars was once inhabited.

Organic molecules are not proof, they could be formed as a result of surface reactions, during volcanic eruptions or brought from space as part of meteorites.

So the intrigue remains.

The next step, according to astrobiologists – scientists investigating signs of life beyond our planet, will be the analysis of samples that Are now collected by Perseverance in the Jezero crater.

But it is not a fact that even after that it will be possible to unequivocally answer the question of the existence of life on Mars.

After all, experts to this day argue about the origin of structures resembling fossilized bacteria in the meteorite ALH84001.

NASA’s Curiosity rover detected a lot of organic carbon in the sedimentary deposits of Gale Crater.

About what hypotheses there are on this subject and what prevents scientists from making an unequivocal conclusion about the existence of microbial life on the Red Planet.

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