President of Cyprus Anastasiades fell ill with coronavirus

President of Cyprus Nikos fell ill with coronavirus

Earlier, the Vice Chancellor of Germany, Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection Robert Habeck fell ill with coronavirus infection.

It has also been reported that Spain’s Queen Consort Leticia has contracted COVID-19.

Coronavirus infection was detected in the President of the Republic of Cyprus Nikos Anastasiades, said the official representative of the government in the rank of Minister Marios Pelekanos.

“Some time ago, during a routine examination of the President of the Republic Nikos Anastasiadis, a positive result was detected for the disease caused by the coronavirus,” according to the local media.

In accordance with the protocol, the head of state will refrain from performing his duties for several days.

The president has mild symptoms, The state of health of Anastasiades is assessed as very good.

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