Uterine fused chamber in half for 30 years

Uterine fused chamber in half for 30 years

In fact, many cases of the uterus have a septum but only 2 cm in the bottom of the uterus is still pregnant, giving birth normally.

However, pregnant women must visit and monitor the pregnancy strictly to prevent dangerous complications.

Due to the small space in the uterus being divided, the fetus may be hindered when turning its head, leading to an unfavorable pregnancy.

In addition, the uterus with septum can also cause the mother to rupture the amniotic fluid early, giving birth prematurely at the end of pregnancy.

The patient has a 18mm thick uterine divider that causes lateness to the child, Dr. has laparoscopic surgery to remove the “separator”.

The 30, has been married for seven years but has no children.

After a failed embryo transfer, the couple came to Fertility Center examination.

Through an MRI scan, the doctor found that her uterus had a completely 40 mm long, 18 mm thick uterine septum, traveling from the bottom of the uterus to the cervix, dividing the uterus into 2 separate chambers.

Obstetrics and Gynecology Center said that the uterus with septum is a birth defect that causes uterine deformity.

In the uterus appears a septum that causes the uterus to narrow.

The septum is a fibrous tissue that does not have much blood supply, so if the fertilized egg nests in the septum, the fetus will have less chance of developing normally because there are not enough sources of nutrition to grow.

Therefore, even if successful conception there is still a risk of miscarriage.

If the pregnancy passes 3 months, the pregnant woman will be at risk of preterm birth due to the too thick septum, the uterus becomes cramped, the pregnancy is pushed out.

According to some reports, about 0.1-3.2% of women have abnormalities in the uterus, of which the uterus with septum is the most common type of deformity, accounting for 40%.

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