Patients with severe dengue fever rushed to the hospital

Patients with severe dengue fever rushed to the hospital

Dengue fever is an epidemic that circulates annually, the number of cases increases greatly in the rainy season.

This year the South rained early, coinciding with the cycle (every 3-4 years) of the outbreak of dengue fever, so the case increased.

In this context, experts set the task of epidemic prevention as important, so it changed the name of the Covid-19 prevention agency in districts to the Steering Committee for Epidemic Prevention, focusing on dengue fever.

Receiving the woman with severe dengue fever at the Intensive Care Unit – Tropical Hospital, experts received an alarm of another patient suddenly bleeding from the mouth, critical.

The emergency team placed the male patient low on his head, gave oxygen, and took a series of emergency measures to stop the bleeding.

The hemorrhage was then temporarily brought under control, but the patient remained critical.

This man was transferred from to a more advance care , was shocked a second time on the overweight body.

In the lower glands he had deep shock, liver and kidney damage.

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