How to cure insomnia for people with nocturnal asthma

How to cure insomnia for people with nocturnal asthma

Symptoms of nocturnal asthma such as chest tightness, shortness of breath, coughing,…

This will prevent the person from sleeping or not sleeping well.

To avoid overuse of the drug, the person can perform the following tips:

Keep your bed clean: dust and bacteria can make people with asthma worse.

Therefore, each person should regularly clean up items and wash blankets, pillows, gases, mattresses.

In addition, patients also need to choose the right type of mattress to form the right sleeping position.

This will help reduce the risk of shortness of breath, creating comfort when sleeping.

Stress relief:constant anxiety or excessive stress can be the cause of the onset of asthma attacks.

Therefore, patients need to practice relaxation exercises such as yoga, meditation to make the mind comfortable.

Weight control: Being overweight and obese not only increases the risk of cardiovascular disease but is also one of the causes of nocturnal asthma.

To prevent, each person needs to limit eating high-fat foods, exercise regularly,…

Adjust the room temperature accordingly: dry air hips, lack of moisture makes the patient more susceptible to sore throat, sneezing, runny nose, runny nose every time they wake up.

Therefore, it is necessary to avoid turning on the air conditioner too cold as they can make the manifestations of asthma worse.

Using a humidifier to maintain the right humidity and adjust the air conditioning temperature accordingly is the method recommended by medical experts.

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