How to reduce fever safely for children

How to reduce fever safely for children

When the child has a fever, in addition to giving the child medicine, parents can use cool wipes to lower the temperature.

Parents prepare 2 thin, soft bucket towels, which are well absorbent and a pot of warm water.

Parents can check the water temperature by dipping their elbows in a bowl, the temperature is equal to the water the child bathes every day.

Before wiping, it is necessary to check the temperature of the child.

Parents dip both towels in a bowl of water and squeeze, alternately wipe on the forehead, in the armpits, inguinal and hands and feet of the child, about 2-3 minutes to change the towel once.

You monitor the water temperature, add hot water if the water is no longer warm, both wipe and check the temperature of the child, stop wiping cool when the temperature is below 38.5 degrees Celsius.

Then proceed to dry and wear thin clothes for the child.

Taking antipyretic medications, drinking plenty of water, applying ice and taking a warm bath to help your baby safely lower the fever.

Fever is a health condition that almost everyone has experienced in their life.

Fever is an increase in body temperature, usually due to illness.

A person with a fever is a sign that something is wrong with the body.

Fever can help protect the body against harmful germs, including colds and flu.

It can also be the result of inflammatory diseases, cancer or reactions to certain medications or vaccines.

People with fever are often tired and uncomfortable, especially when the fever is high.

Children with fever are more dangerous than adults because they do not know how to express the level of fatigue of the body.

Therefore, when children have fever, parents need to monitor constantly and know how to deal with fever to help children reduce stress and fatigue.

Normally, children with a fever of 37.5 degrees to 38 degrees will advise parents to monitor their children at home, applying safe antipyretic measures without the use of medication.

When the fever is above 38.5 degrees the child is recommended to take the prescribed antipyretic medication.