Do growth hormone pills help children increase height?

Do growth hormone pills help children increase height?

Besides growth hormone tablets, parents also need to be careful with arbitrarily giving children calcium tablets.

Calcium when active alone is unlikely to help increase the height of the child.

They only work when supplemented with other nutrients such as zinc, iron, vitamin D … And as prescribed by the doctor.

Innocent calcium supplementation can lead to excess calcium in the child, increasing the risk of kidney stones.

Even, making the child shorter due to the process of strengthening the head of the bone occurs faster.

Especially in the case of your child who is 8 years old, has entered the pre-pubertal stage, puberty.

If you want your baby to rise optimally or even overcome the situation of him “losing” height in the previous period, then it is necessary to coordinate a comprehensive program including eating, movement, sleep, lifestyle habits …

You should take your baby to the doctor of nutrition, exercise.

Based on the specific test results of the health and physical condition of the baby, nutritionists can develop a suitable and effective treatment regimen, helping the child increase the optimal height.

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