How to fix foot cramps during pregnancy

How to fix foot cramps during pregnancy

Pregnant women note to drink enough water, avoid sitting for too long, supplement with reasonable nutrients … Help the pregnancy journey go smoothly.

To avoid sitting for a long time forgetting to stand up, pregnant women can set reminders on their mobile devices every hour or two, standing up to move gently.

Mothers traveling on long flights note to occasionally get up or check their fitness, taking advice from their doctor before a long flight.

Women suspected of having venous thrombosis need to be examined in a timely manner if there is a lot of pain in the legs when walking, severe swelling of the legs, touching the swollen skin with a warm feeling.

Internal leg cramps usually occur after morning sickness, from the middle to the last 3 months of pregnancy. Studies show that nearly half of pregnant women often experience muscle spasms from 27 weeks gestation.

You may have leg cramps before nighttime sleep or when you sit for a long time in one position; such as straining muscles in the calves, feet or stretching of both positions.

When you suddenly have pain due to leg muscle tension, you should ask for support from relatives to help relax the leg muscles and drink more water.

Pregnant women should also exercise gently during pregnancy to prevent and mitigate leg cramps.