'Blue shadow' condition causes testicular pain

‘Blue shadow’ condition causes testicular pain

In fact, testicular crest hypertension is not dangerous. When the penis returns to a normal state, the pain decreases.

Some cases see the skin of the testicles turn blue, purple, need to go to a medical facility to be examined and treated in a timely manner.

In order to relieve sore muscles in the testicles, men may masturbate to ejaculate, have sex with a partner, or perform some other activity to reduce stimulation.

When blood pressure is normal, blood will be circulated, reducing the pain in the testicles.

Men can apply a number of ways to reduce testicular stimulation including: focusing on work or solving problems; cold bathing, limiting blood flow to the genitals; lying to increase blood flow to the testicles; exercise helps blood flow; lifting heavy objects, putting pressure on other areas; apply testicular warmth to relieve pain.

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