Draghi counts his troops, the maneuvers have begun

Draghi counts his troops, the maneuvers have begun

A victory for the right would be assured in such an election, but only if it is united. But the very fate of the Draghi government divides them, so the decision is anything but a foregone conclusion.

“Early elections would shorten an election campaign that would otherwise be painfully long and prevent the government from working,” said Lorenzo Codogno, a former chief economist at the Italian Treasury and a visiting professor at the London School of Economics.

And the 5-Star Movement, at the origin of the crisis, in all this? Nothing has officially leaked about the meeting of their National Council, which was held late Thursday night.

Giuseppe Conte, Draghi’s predecessor as head of government and current head of the M5S, simply said: “We have discussed, we have taken note of Draghi’s resignation and we will continue to discuss tomorrow.”

“La Stampa” writes for its part that there were “moments of great tension” during this meeting of almost three hours.

“It’s better that we sleep on it otherwise it will end badly,” said one of the participants, according to the daily.

The head of the Italian government, whose resignation was refused, is trying to determine if his executive can still have the confidence of the parliament next Wednesday.

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